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Legion: A treat to watch for horror movie lovers

Are you ready to utilize your spare time in watching some breathtaking horror movies? Legion is one of the films you cannot miss to watch out now. This horror fantasy film was directed by Scott Stewart, and the film has done something great on the box office. Horror or fantasy movies are always special to watch because they carry a special kind of story and message. If you are among the people who love to watch horror movies, when this film should be there in your lists.

Whether you talk about the starcast or cinematography, this movie will not disappoint you at any cost. As per the experts, the movie has a lot of new experiences for viewers that could be unforeseen for them.

Today, there are lots of horror and fantasy movies available for watching and downloading. To give preference to legion movie, you must know its plot, star cast, and the rest of the other details by following the below-given paragraphs:

Plot of the movie

For the supporters and staff at a dusty side of the road coffee shop, the day starts not surprisingly, however when the telephones go out and a sweet old woman goes on the assault, it’s a harbinger of the dread to come. As the sickening idea of the circumstance soaks in, help shows up as the chief heavenly messenger Michael (Paul Bettany), who tells a pregnant server that her unborn infant is mankind’s last expectation, and he will successfully safeguard it. Toward the end of this film, you can find that Michael will get died and his body will be vanished. Bob will use his lighter to ignite the gas of the coffee shop and explode the cafe.

Release date, duration, and director

Legion movie was released on 21st of November in the year 2010 in Hollywood. Scott Stewart was the director of this movie. If you talk about the duration or runtime of legion movie then, you need to collect at least 1 hour and 40 minutes to watch it. It would be worth watching if you have a great interest in thriller or horror kinds of movies.

Starcast of Legion

At the present moment, you have collected all important details about this film. Still, you have not become familiar with the starcast of this film. With the help of the following points, you can know some of the important actors and actresses involved in this movie:

  • Paul Bettany as Michael

  • Dennis Quaid as Bob Hanson

  • Kevin Durand as Gabriel

  • Adrianne Palicki as Charlie

  • Ucas Black as Jeep Hanson

  • Charles S. Dutton as Percy Walker

  • Kate Walsh as Sandra Anderson

  • Jon Tenney as Howard Anderson

  • Willa Holland as Audrey Anderson

  • Tyrese Gibson as Kyle Williams

Box-office collection

There are many people who would love to be familiar with the box office collection of Legion. As per the reports and data, $67.9 million is the overall box office collection of this film. now, you can collect some time and watch this spectacular movie.





Chris Ramsdell